Allison Garrett Johnson


2000 D Street
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 476-7565, ext. 245

First Plymouth is my absolute favorite church to photograph weddings. It's a beautiful space, the staff and pastors are always wonderful and the surrounding areas make for stunning photographs. It is a very popular church for weddings and they often host three in a day. I've photographed at least twenty weddings here and it's always been a great experience. They are very "photographer friendly" as long as you are respectful to the fact that it's a worship service and not a photo shoot.

Getting ready in the bridal room

Processional at First Plymouth Church wedding

Wedding party in the courtyard

Portraits on First Plymouth Church grounds

First Plymouth Church sanctuary

First Plymouth wedding ceremony from the balcony

Church exit

Front steps of First Plymouth Church in Lincoln, Nebraska

Bridal party in First Plymouth Church courtyard

Groom and groomsmen in First Plymouth Church courtyard

Traditional altar portrait

Blue doors at First Plymouth entrance

Wedding ceremony

Recessional from the balcony

Getaway car outside First Plymouth Church

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