When I was first starting out as a photographer I was always about the latest trend. I've tried the vintage look, dark and moody, light and airy, and even the dreaded spot color trend (google it!). What I found is that I was constantly updating my portfolio and samples because all my work looked dated as soon as the next trend came around. I simply want to produce work that my clients will love forever. I want my skin tones to look like actual skin tones. You can expect that my colors and exposure will be true to life with a little extra "pop". These are important images, and they need to be timeless.

When it comes to posing, I'm prepared to give as much direction as needed. Sometimes there is no posing involved and sometimes I will get fairly detailed with my instructions. When kids are involved we will often play games or have discussions about our favorite animals and colors mixed in with some posing and candid moments.

A wedding day is a very similar experience as we are focused on portraits, but the rest of the day I just let you do your thing and we stay in the background. If there is an opportunity to give input on where to stand as you are getting ready, or the perfect location for the first look I will absolutely give suggestions to get the best photos possible, but I'm never going to force moments or emotions.

Roper Park Family Photography

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