Young Girl at Family Acreage
Allison Garrett Johnson

Young Girl at Family Acreage

This image was taken at the first of three shoots I have done with this family over the past year. They liv on a gorgeous acreage located near Staplehurst, Nebraska. Our first shoot was done in March which is generally not a popular month for outdoor shoots, but the weather was nice enough and it ended up being a really beautiful shoot.

Miss Lauren was about to become a big sister and the session was specifically a maternity session, but we were also sure to include some individual shots and other combinations of the family together. The family dog also made an appearance (and occasionally like to photo bomb us when his presence was not required).

Nearly anytime I do a shoot that might specifically be for families, kids, newborns, etc. I still try to make a point to get a variety of combinations whether it be individual kids, just parents, just siblings, etc.

Location: Staplehurst, Nebraska.

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