Columbus Nebraska VFW Wedding Reception
Allison Garrett Johnson

Columbus Nebraska VFW Wedding Reception

This is one of my favorite moments from Jason Chlopek and Lisa Oltman's wedding. Many couples that I work with have children and they are part of the wedding day in various ways. Lisa's son (and father) walked her down the aisle and then at the reception she shared a special dance with him. Jason also shared a special dance with Lisa's daughter. It was such a meaningful and sweet moment and you could tell the kids were thrilled be a part of the wedding day.

Jason and Lisa's ceremony was held at St. Anthony's Parish in Columbus (1719 6th Street) in September.

Following the ceremony we traveled to by party bus to Pawnee Park for outdoor photos. 

The reception was held at the VFW in Columbus (2720 23rd Street). It was a simple, yet beautiful event with many details that felt very personal to the couple. 

In my opinion, the best weddings aren't necessarily the fanciest or most expensive, but they are weddings where there is a lot of thought put into making it unique and meaningful to the couple and their family and friends and this was definitely the case for Jason and Lisa. It was such a perfect event and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Location: 2720 23rd Street Columbus, NE.

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