Kyson & Brooke - Nebraska City, Nebraska Proposal

When Kyson contacted me a few weeks ago about shooting a proposal in Nebraska City, I thought it sounded like so much fun. Nebraska City is always great to visit and being part of such an amazing moment was a huge honor. Then I started getting nervous about all the logistics.

The specific bridge Kyson had in mind was going to be closed. I had an idea for another bridge that I thought would be great, but couldn't remember exactly where it was and trying to pass along directions to him wasn't easy. Kyle and I arrived early last Friday to check out the location and "set up." I had been trying to figure out a way to signal to Kyson that he was in the right place and we were ready. We ended up using little red yard flags to mark that that he was at the correct bridge and then another flag to show him where to stand on the bridge so we had good lighting and a good angle to get photos.

While we waited we pretended to shoot nature so it didn't look suspicious that we were just hanging out on the bridge with giant cameras. It wasn't long before they made their appearance. Everything went exactly as planned. Brooke said yes!

Following the proposal we wandered around Arbor Day Farm and took a few "engagement" photos. It was such a perfect evening and we couldn't have been happier to be a part of it. Congrats to Kyson and Brooke!